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"Reflections of a Cogitating Carver"

Once more here I sit- I'm ready to start
Got my tools and a fine piece of wood.
This time I'll carve a world-class piece
That will be known as super good.

A caricature carving- that's what I'll do...
But no, the last time I tried
The face wasn't right, the hands were too small
And the figure leaned to one side.

Realistic wildlife? I've seen some great ones,
So real you could feel the weather.
But when looking at the texture on mine
Folks ask, "Is that fur or feather?"

A figure carving could be a winner,
But I'll set that idea aside.
No person in history ever resembled
The last human figure I tried.

I'd carve relief but as I recall
My last attempt wasn't too good.
The perspective was wrong, composition just fair
And I cut through the back of the wood.

I tried chip carving once before
But that could lead to starving.
My chips were neatly piled high
And drew more attention than the carving.

Guess I'll just start and see what appears
As the wood begins to take shape.
Well, shucks, I cut my finger again,
Time for merthiolate, band-aid and tape.

That's just my luck because this is a piece
I'm sure would turn out right.
But my work of art will have to wait.
Guess I may as well turn out the light

And dream of the day when my carvings will be
Collected in many a fine home.
For now, when it comes to carving, it seems
I might do better just writing a poem.

Feel free to share this if you'd like but please let be known that it's from the pen of
Ol' Don
This was Ol' Don's first entry to the NEWC poetry contest back in 1992

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