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Old Dead Stump
"You ol' danged fool! Its not a moose!" the ancient cogitator railed,
"Can you not see the dragon's wings extruded where the trunk had failed?"

"It ain't no a dragon, you old stump," his gray and wrinkled comrade cries,
"Those are his antlers, in the roots. Can you not see his moose-like eyes?"

And so these antique pair remained until the afternoon wore old.
A carver's eye they shared in kind, but different visage each would hold.

While on the quarrel's death grip held, a man of thirty five approached,
He caught the conversation's drift, and smiling, gave the two reproach:

"You two, you are a silly sight, to stomp and wave and fume and grump:
You tilt at windmills, grasp at smoke, and all for what? An old dead stump!"

The elder duo shared a grin, a knowing look between them caught,
"Young man," one said, "an 'old dead stump's' the ONLY thing that thing is NOT."

Dan Giles


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