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"Thoughts thunk while thinking"

There's something out there, I know that for sure
'Cause the porch has eyes with which to procure
Knowledge of silent shadows that creep
And things that go on while Ol' Don is asleep.

A voice on the night shatters the silence,
"Where the heck are you?". And then in compliance
Another responds, "I'm right over here.
Up in my tree stand watching for deer."

From way out West where the sun is still high
Comes, "Bear hugs are great!! Give one a try!!".
South of the border, North of it too,
Voices join in 'till sleep's overdue.

Then, while they're sleeping, Ol' Don wakes up,
Sits and relaxes with his coffee cup
And ponders a mystery (no answer so far),
Why he can't stay awake when other folk are.

Feel free to share this if you'd like but please let be known that it's from the pen of
Ol' Don

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