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Joe Dillet presents...

The Great Pig Out at
"The Carving Shop"
645 LaSalle St
Somonauk, IL 60552

September 17, 18, and 19

Animation created by Lisa Johnstone

We would like to Thank our Sponsors which include the following businesses and people who are making this GPO possible.

1) The Carving Shop   (Joe's family, without their help the GPO wouldn't go.)
2) Arbortech   (for the Boring Contest and the Carving Contest)
3) Lee Valley Tools   (for the Boring Contest)
4) The Hardwood Connection   (for the Boring Contest)
5) The Woodcraft Shop   (for the Boring Contest)
6) Loren Woodard   (for the Carving Contest)
7) CAPTNDAVE   (for the Golf Ball Carving Contest and Boy Scouts Raffle)
8) Bob and Marie Boyer   (Norwegian Implement)Chain saw carvers ( for the Boy Scouts Raffle and the food)
9) Bob Morris   (for the Boy Scouts Raffle)
10) Laurie J. Gmyrek   (for the Whittling Contest)
11) Somonauk Entertainment and Tanning   (for the food)
12) Kim's Casual Canine Cuts   (for the food)
13) Boy Scouts   (helping with parking, serving, and clean-up)
14) John Iverson   (for the food, King Salmon)
15) Don (Ol' Don) Burgdorf   (Whittling Contest)
16) Elizabeth (Bette) Franke   (whittling contest)
17) Kathleen (Kitty ) Klein   (Reporter)
18) Racing Champions, Inc Marcie and Boyd Meyer   (Junior Whittling Contest and Boy Scouts Raffle)
19) Merrill Lynch, Dino Capitani   (Boy Scouts Raffle)

Others are donating time and gifts like Dan's Devil Dust, cooking help from Merle Orowski, and Dino Simpson, set-up help from Marcie Moore, Bob Mau, and many others that have said they will be here to help. I thank you very much for making this GPO possible and giving me (Joe Dillett) the honor to host it.

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