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"Great Pig Out - 1999" Carving Contest
To view the Pigs please visit our Photo Album.

Everyone did a great job, but someone had to be the big winner!

The carvers are shown here in the same order the Pigs shown in our Photo Point Album.

#1 Bob Gallandt ----------------------- 2nd
#2 Cathy Krumrei
#3 Pat Sherman
#4 Joe Dillett ---------------------------- 1st
#5 Deno Simpson
#6 Monty Montgomery
#7 Joe Brott
#8 Tom Lay
#9 Steve Klein
#10 Bernice Haagenson ------------- honorable mention
#11 CRaig Watson ------------------- 3rd
#12 Malcolm Chorley ------------------ honorable mention

We would like to give special thanks to the following people;
Ol' Don who designed the pattern and donated the roughouts.
Cathy who posted the pictures.
Laurie Gmyrek "LoonLady" who donated a book for the prize.
It's a first edition Tangerman "Whittling and Woodcarving".

"Thanks to everyone who entered and those who voted. I was so proud of you.
No one even voted more than once, like in Chicago."

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