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Tom Lay  

My name is Tom Lay and I live in Harvey, La. I know the name sounds strange for a "coon-ass" but my father was a Yankee transplant. Mom was a coonie through and through, so I was raised on gumbo and red beans and rice. I am 43 and have 3 beautiful kids that take most of my free time. I am a draftsman by trade for the past 22 years. I just started carving and whittling about 6 months ago. Was playing around with a scroll for 6 months before that. After I got interested in carving the scroll saw was much too small so I added a band saw to my arsenal. I refuse to do blanks and am trying to learn the art of making blanks too. I plan on being around awhile and will have plenty of questions. I am grateful for people like you at the porch to make this learning experience a little more enjoyable.

Ron CorreiaRon Correia: Age 57. I've been carving for about 5 years, but only seriously for about the past 6 months or so. Have three children and two grandchildren. Cycle 20 to 30 miles every day in the summer and try to get a 50 to 75 mile ride in on Saturdays. ( Bianchi racing bike). Also do a lot of hiking, mountain climbing, sea kayaking ( I live right on the coast ), X-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Am collecting Marklin HO trains so that when I retire, I can build my "dream" layout. Already got a room set aside for that. Take a look at some of my work at, I've got a tutorial on line that may be of interest to newcomers to our 'passion'.


Ruth BrownRuth Brown: I have been carving for many years. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania close to the Maryland border. I have two daughters, one an archeologist and the other an aspiring geological engineer. I taught art in the public schools for several years. I belong to our local Artists Association and I am an officer in our local Woodcarving Group. I also play the clarinet in the Community Band. I love to carve and only wish I had more time to do everything in which I am interested. (I still work full time) My Email address is;  Or take a look at my web pages at;<

Jean MeltonJean Melton; Born and brought up in Amityville New York, but now living in the central part of North Carolina. I've been here for the past 35 years.....I live in the woods with two great cats…raised 5 children, and now have 3 handsome grandsons. I’ve carved a bit here and there, all my life, but never almost exclusively until winter of ’96. Shortly after that, I found a carving club in a nearby town, listed in Chip Chats. Spent most of my time carving until I got a computer May ’97. I joined the Woodcarvers list in January '98, and more recently, the Porch. 

Malcolm ChorleyMalcolm Chorley; I live in Cannock, in the United Kingdom, and have carved since 1974. I carve wood and ivory and also cut marquetry pictures from veneers. I do some Art Deco restoration work and I enjoy whittling lime, mainly with a knife and have recently moved into power carving. My other interests are microscopy and paper modeling. I teach woodcarving and marquetry at an Adult Evening Institute one evening a week, but earn my living during the day repairing optical/mechanical survey equipment and laser machine control systems. To see some of my work please go to 

I am TotemWood Tommy.  I live in the Pacific North West, Bremerton WA.  It
is a land filled with trees, in between the mountains, and the sea.  Rainy
season here is from about October to May-June, so I carve indoors most of
the time...<g>  I started "carving all over again" in July of 2001 when I
joined Kitsap County Woodcarvers.  It was a wonderful world that opened up
for me!  I had also joined Wood Carvers Porch, and that too, has been a
wonderful experience! E-Mail:

Web Site:

Ken WeybrightHello friends, My name is Ken Weybright, 50 years old, and I live in Boise, Idaho. I live with my best friend and companion, Marcia, and have since 1996. I am divorced, with four grown children who have left home, and our two dogs, Oreo and Cookie. I have carved wood since 1978, off and on. It was about 5-6 years ago, when I became interested in carving birds and have done so ever since. My present work is a full-size Red Tail Hawk which I plan to enter in major shows. If I can be of any assistance to other woodcarvers, don't hesitate to contact me at the addresses below": ICQ #39487063 Email:
 View my Web Page 

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