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Mike HuberMike Huber; I live in Milwaukee with my wife and our four kids, an exchange student from Japan, two regular cats and four foster cats. I've been carving for about the last five (hard to tell exactly when I started) of my 38 years. I write manuals and help files for software to pay for the luxury of carving without worrying about selling.
Byron KinnamanByron started carving about 6 years ago. He started carving to have something to put in his pack and work on while on long backpacking trips. Byron makes his living as a quality engineer. He carves Santas, Little Guys, and Wood Spirits.Byron is VP of the Capitol Carver of Salem, Oregon. He contributed a figure to the Virtual Porch project, and plans to contribute to the Ark project. Recently Byron signed on with one of the friendship cane groups and is exchanging carvings with that group. Byron Kinnaman, Woodburn, OR  
Les HastingsLes Hastings: I am a retired Industrial Arts Schoolteacher of 34 years. My wife Diane, of 35 years, and me reside at Point Peninsula on Lake Ontario, NY; 14 miles from the Canadien border. Full time birdcarver, songbirds and shorebirds. Business card reads, "Songs in Wood." find someone that cares as much about birdcarving as I, so this process can be carried beyond me. 


Vic KirkmanVic Kirkman started carving as a Boy Scout, but only took it up seriously ten years ago. Since then he studies under the best carvers he can find and has moved up the ranks of decorative wildfowl carving very rapidly. Vic now competes at the professional and world class levels. He retired from Sherwin-Williams Co. in June, 1998 and carves and teaches full time. With 30 students attending weekly classes at his shop, online instruction from his website, and his own carvings, he stays busy. His website URL is 
John IversonHi my name is John Iverson. I am 55 married with 4 kids and 5 grandkids. I live in Soldotna Alaska. I have been carving for 3 yrs. now and belong to the Last Frontier Woodcarvers club where I am V.P. I also belong to the Northwest Caricature carvers assoc.. I do mostly caricatures but will try anything.I have taken classes from Cleve Taylor, Marv Kaisersatt, and Kirt Curtis. In the summer time I am a fishing guide on the Kenai river here in Alaska and do most of my carving in the winter. No web page yet but its under construction. 
Cliff and Kim PitnerCliff and Kim Pitner; My wife Kim and I are both carvers and enjoy carving realistic human and realistic animals as our preference, but will carve anything that seems interesting. We are both very active in our local carving club here in Oklahoma. You can send us Email at
R.L. OwenR.L. Owen; I live in Columbia, Mo. Have been making wood chips for fun since I was about 8 years old ( AT LEAST 47 years ) when my great grandfather gave me one of his old pocket knives and told me to always buy the best tools I could afford and always keep them sharp. I have a little carving thing going called " TIGER CLAUS" 
Lavin Mason (aka IAmSparrow)I am Lavin Mason (aka IAmSparrow) I live in middle Georgia. I have a variety of interest which include painting,quilting,decoupage', singing,camping, fishing, walking, working on web pages, and the first of November 98, I decided I would learn to be a wood carver. Well I haven't yet arrived but I am on my way. Please visit my pages at e-mail me at  See Photo's of my work, and other stuff, at Photo Point 
CRaig WatsonCraig Watson; I am a 58 year old (married 40 years) father of two who have made me a grand father of four in the last 16 years. Married to a wetback Norweigian who does Rosemalling professionally (that means she gets big bucks for her work) She also does NOT like lutefisk. I have been carving about four years and my interest varies from chainsaw carving to minatures. I like to carve mamals and other things that come from my very own halucinations. My most favorite carving is a wolfalope I saw and cut down in the far north of Island Park, Minn. Check my web page for some of the painting and carving done by the two of us. 
Roy and Doris BriggsRoy and Doris Briggs live at Rochester, Alberta, Canada which is near Athabasca(Athabasca Landing in the gold rush days). We started carving about 2 1/2 years ago and enjoy it and the people we meet because of it. Roy is semi-retired and I work at the Rochester School as a teaching assistant - hope to retire soon myself so I can get more carving done. Our two sons are grown and live within an 80 mile radius and we have two grandchildren. To read more about us and see some of our carvings go to
Pat ShermanPat Sherman; Married, six kids, 18 grandkids, loves horses. Been carving about 3-4 years, likes to carve about anything she can. Likes to hunt, fish , camping and talking to people. Also draw,paint, woodburn and once in a while fix my van. Enjoy everyone on the list, have learned a lot. Take a look at her web page at. ,  See Photo's of my work, and other stuff, at PictureTrail 
Marcie MooreHi, I'm Marcie Moore. I live in Northern Illinois with my 2 silver persians. I have a son and daughter whom are now grown and live on their own. Ever since I can remember I've always loved art in some form... from knitting to doll making, decorative painting to quilting there hasn't been much I haven't tried. Wood carving had intrigued me for a long time... then one cold, lonely evening in January '99 I found my way (via the internet) to the Wood Carver's Porch!! I was welcomed with open arms, helpful advice, and a barrage of "blonde jokes"! LOL!! I was fortunate enough to live close to porch member Joe Dillett, so on 3 consecutive Mondays in February I took my first classes. I have since taken classes with Harley Refsal, Becky Lusk, Alf Stronen, and hope to take many more. "The Porch" is now my home away from home and... *I* survived the GPO 1999!!!! ) 

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