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"The Scholarship of a Sagacious Specimen"
The scene - a local woodcraft show with carvings on display.
She's a carver, so am I. I'd see what she had to say.
I'd play a role, critique her work, receive her gratitude.
But, her response to my advise? - a different attitude.

I started to introduce myself with no thought of restraint.
She cut me short, said, "Hold it dude, I'll tell you who you ain't.
Those human figures that you carved- realism was your claim,
Well there's no doubt about it, Fred Coglow's not your name.

Your little wildlife piece of what-ever-it-is in a tree
Leads to the conclusion, you're no kin to Desiree."
At caricature carvings I thought good, she struck a painful blow
And her evaluation really got me feel Enlow.

"That little figure over there sure ain't a Maxwell clown.
It seems to me you're just a Wolfe, but not one of renown."
She said of my chip carvings, "To Wayne Barton you're no threat."
And, "To be a legend like Tangerman you may as well forget."

Well, I never got to say my name- I knew that I'd been broke
'Cause when it came to quality, she knew of what she spoke.
And I felt when it was over I'd been beat with verbal bats
Guess I'd better practice more on "Chip", and forget about the "Chats".

Feel free to share this if you'd like but please let be known that it's from the pen of
Ol' Don

A special thanks to 
Ms. Lisa Johnstone
For setting up and maintaining this site,
from the very start up to January 2001

Thanks for all your help
Paul Krumrei of 3rd Rock Tech



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