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As an initial project, the Wood Carvers Porch will be carving The Ark.
Work will begin in early 1999.
Details of the process will be displayed here.
email Jud for more information...
  Jud answers,
Oh, go ahead and pick a couple!  There are 5 million species on the planet!
(I'm not kidding!)

I shall be building the ark.  I shall be collecting the completed pieces, and I shall be overseeing it's transport and display at woodcarving shows, and other sights around the country for the promotion of woodcarving.

As of 7/10/99, this is where we stand:

You can find the size chart here.

Aardvark - Terry & Malcolm (both recieved)

African Elephant - Jud & Julie

Alligator- Adrian & Amy (recieved)

Armadillo - Patti

Bear - Hal & Sam (recieved)

Birds - Terry

Bull (young) - Roy (recieved)

Camel - Roy & Doris (both recieved)

Cat - Marilyn & Jean (recieved)

Cheetah - Ol'Don

Cow (young) - Ol'Don

Dog - Bill

Fox (vixen) -Ron & Marcie (male fox)

Frog - Byron & Cathy (recieved)

Gibbon - Danny & Ruth

Giraffe - Amy (recieved) & Adrian

Hippo - Ron

Hog - RL & Bill

Horse - Hal & Marilyn

Kangaroo - Jean & Malcolm (both recieved)

Lion & Lioness - Joe & Pat (both recieved)

Llama - Danny & Ruth

Loon - Maureen

Mule - Len & JoAnn

Orca - Maureen

Panda - Amy (recieved)

Penguin - Joe (recieved) & JoAnn

Polar Bear - [CRaig?] & Marcie (blonde Polar Bear)

Rabbit - Cathy (recieved) & Lisa

Raccoon - Ol'Don & Doris (recieved)

Razorback - Len

Redtailed Hawk - Maureen

Reptiles (?) - Maureen

Turtle - Byron & Lisa

Unicorn-Leland (the only one)

Wolf - Brian Richardson

Zebra - Patti & RL

Noah - Sam (recieved)

Mrs. Noah - JoAnn

That's it for the moment!

A couple of those may be modified!
Also, as this grows, the need will appear for others to grab one of the missing animals in each pair! 
Ark Animal size chart


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